5 Year Yellow Cheddar

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5 Year Cheddar

Excellent sharp flavor.

Since their humble beginnings in their namesake village in southwest England in the 12th century, Cheddar cheeses have become some of the most widely produced and consumed cheeses in the world. In 2014 alone, US cheesemakers churned out over three billion pounds of the stuff. We’re confident that only a tiny percentage of that cheese held a candle to our Five Year Sharp Cheddar. Bright and acidic with a subtle underlying earthiness, this cheese absolutely sings. It’s a prime selection for entertaining guests as it strikes a perfect balance between complexity and accessibility; the sharpness and light calcification from the aging process will appeal to seasoned cheese lovers, while the intact richness and lack of bitterness in the finish will please less experienced palettes. This cheese is best served straight off the block after adequate tempering (this cheese MUST be served at room temp), and will also add a brightness to au gratin potatoes or casseroles one cannot achieve with milder varieties. Note that for baking or cooking, it’s best to blend in a second milder cheese, Brick for instance, as a binder, as the aging process makes this Cheddar less than ideal for melting. This cheese does contain slight to moderate calcium deposits – this “gritty” texture is a natural byproduct of aging and will not detract from your enjoyment of this perfectly balanced and truly special Cheddar.

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