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About 8oz's of The Stinky Cheese

Anyone who’s visited Baumgartner’s has seen the sign: “Don’t eat it with your nose.” There’s no way around it - Limburger smells awful, and we fully embrace that. This cheese has its origins in the Duchy of Limburg (modern Belgium, Germany, Netherlands) in the eighteenth century. By the mid-1800s Wisconsin cheesemakers were producing the pungent treat; today, a single factory just outside of Monroe is the only remaining American producer. Limburger starts as a mild, somewhat crumbly white cheese similar to Feta. A bacteria smear is applied and the cheese is shelved for aging. As the cheese ripens it begins to soften, and the bacteria begins to add the signature flavor (and odor). The Limburger we offer at Baumgartner’s is on the ripe side, aged several months and often borderline-spreadable. Expect a very creamy texture and surprisingly mild flavor with a noticeable but pleasant funk; Bleu cheese is a poor comparison as it’s made with a completely different bacteria strain, but that will give you some idea of the tang involved with a smear-ripened cheese. Modern chefs have devised all manner of Limburger recipes for everything from hardrolls to cheesecakes, but the purists here at Baumgartner’s know there’s only one way to truly enjoy this traditional rustic cheese: The Swiss Apple. For the uninitiated, that’s generously sliced Limburger on dark rye with a slice of raw onion. Add a little brown mustard, grab a cold beer, and see why this unique cheese deserves every bit of its reputation as a local favorite.



United States Championship Cheese Contest: 2nd in Class, 2007

Wisconsin State Fair Cheese and Butter Contest: Best of Class, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2007; 2nd & 3rd in Class Awards, 2013, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2004

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