11 Year Cheddar

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11 yr Ched

One pound of 11 year Cheddar

The end result of over a decade of aging is a truly beautiful Cheddar cheese. It’s easy enough to say that longer aging results in sharper cheese, but don’t mistake “sharp” for “narrow” – there are subtleties and depths of flavor here you simply cannot find in younger varieties. Expect a blast of bright Cheddar flavor with intense acidity and a pleasantly bitter finish. The aging process also imparts extensive crystallization over a velvety texture. As with all cheese, proper tempering is essential before serving for full flavor and correct texture. 11 Year will add an intense flavor to baked dishes, but overall it’s rather impractical for cooking. Cheese this complex is best served in its own or as part of a cheese plate. Not for the uninitiated or faint of heart, but guaranteed to please true Cheddar lovers everywhere!

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