3 Year Cheddar

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3 yr ched

Sharp and still creamy white Cheddar

This aged white cheddar occupies a bit of a “best of both worlds” niche between mild cheddar and our much more assertive five and eleven year varieties. Bright, acidic, and mildly fruity, but without the bite of truly sharp cheddars, this cheese also maintains most of the desirable texture characteristics of mild cheddar. As such, it melts well and is much less prone to crumbing when sliced than more aged varieties. Try it over a burger the next time you grill – you’ll be surprised how much flavor a bit of aging can add. This also makes a great mac and cheese, and adds an easy flavor boost to any casserole or baked dish. It’s also perfect for cheese trays, with about as much flavor as can be packed into a cheese this rich and creamy. Any fans of mild cheddar cheese are strongly encouraged to give this a try – it won’t disappoint.

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