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This Scandinavian style "bread cheese" comes in just over a half pound piece, and one of four flavors.

This traditional Scandinavian-style baked cheese is a hidden gem amongst our offerings. Literally translating to “Bread Cheese,” Brun-uusto is best enjoyed as a warm appetizer or dessert course. We recommend cubing the cheese, then heating in a skillet (no oil needed) until all surfaces achieve a golden brown crust. Serve hot and enjoy this rich, crispy, gooey treat. Don’t be shy about experimenting – try it with honey, lingonberry jam, salsa, sweet/hot relish, get creative!  Available in Original, Garlic, and Bacon flavors.



World Championship Cheese Contest: Best of Class, 2014; 2nd in Class, 2012; 3rd in Class, 2010

ACS Cheese Competition: Best of Class, 2008; 2nd & 3rd in Class Awards, 2012, 2011, 2009

United States Championship Cheese Contest: 3rd in Class, 2009

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