Mild Brick

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Mild smooth cheese.

Brick cheese is native to Wisconsin and has been a favorite here for generations. A white cheddar derivative, Brick is slightly softer than mild cheddars and noticeably less acidic. Expect a pleasantly rich, creamy taste with a hint of salt. As we often tell newcomers to Baumgartner’s, “We’ve never met anyone who didn’t like Brick cheese because there’s really nothing not to like.” Mild and creamy with a satisfying semi-soft texture, Brick makes a fantastic cheese sandwich – put a thick slab between two slices of your favorite rye bread and you’ll begin to understand the beauty of this simple cheese. Brick also melts well; in recent years, several artisan pizzerias have replaced mozzarella with brick on their pies, it also complements burgers nicely and adds a ton of richness to cream-based soups. In-house, Baumgartner’s serves more Brick than any other cheese, and deservedly so. It’s simple, accessible, versatile, and delicious.

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