2 year old Block Swiss

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Swiss 2

Block Swiss just keeps getting sharper the older it gets.

Wonderful things happen as our Mild Swiss sits in the aging room. Bacteria and enzymes continue to work, brightening and sharpening the flavor of the cheese. The end result is a concentration of the nutty flavor associated with Swiss cheese and a more acidic, less sweet finish. Expect a velvety texture with light crystallization; aged Swiss can tend to crumble as most aged cheese do, but remains rich and moist, never unpleasantly dry. As with all our cheeses, proper tempering is essential – serve this at room temperature for full flavor and proper texture. Aged Swiss is an excellent choice for sandwiches as its assertive flavor won’t get buried under other components; it’s also a great inclusion on a cheese plate and can absolutely stand as its own course. Longer aging results in sharper flavor; our aged Swiss is available in two and three year varieties. You won’t find any ribbons or medals hanging on blocks of this cheese. The craftsmen that make it have been at it for a long time and don’t enter it in competitions. As they put it, “We don’t care about that. We’re just here to make cheese.” Perhaps. We think they just want to let the other kids have some fun – nobody’s turning out better product than this, anywhere.

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