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Swiss melting cheese.

Raclette first appears in the historic record in late-thirteenth century Switzerland and France. This unique Swiss-style cheese is highly regarded for its melting properties; indeed, all traditional preparations involve heating a large block of cheese and scraping (racler; French, “to scrape,” hence the name) the melted portion onto anything from bread to gherkins to charcuterie. Perhaps the most common Raclette dish involves melting the cheese over boiled potatoes; top with capers or pickled onions as desired. Much like a fondue meal, Raclette dishes are often prepared and enjoyed by guests at the table using a central heat source and a generous selection of options over which the melted Raclette is poured. Speaking of fondue, Raclette is also an excellent choice for that classic dish. However you choose to prepare it, we hope you enjoy this cheese in its traditional spirit of warmth, relaxation, and good company.



United States Championship Cheese Contest: 3rd in Class, 1999

ACS Cheese Competition: 3rd in Class, 2012, 2006, 2001

Wisconsin State Fair Cheese and Butter Contest: Best of Class, 2011; 2nd in Class, 2013

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